Video Conferencing Veteran Reporters offers a multitude of options for attorneys and staff who need remote participation in either a deposition, hearing or trial via videoconference. We provide both traditional videoconferencing setups, as well as portable videoconferencing.

Videoconferencing primarily utilizing IP based networks are supported on-site in our many locations nationwide.

Videoconferencing is very cost effective for our clients and eliminates coast-to-coast travel time and expenses for meetings, depositions or conference. We have aggressively coordinated state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities to connect to worldwide networks of video conference sites in an effort to cut costs for our clients.

Our portable videoconferencing solutions are convenient and a low‐cost way to participate in fully interactive, multi‐party video assignments simply by using an Internet‐connected computer, tablet, smartphone, or traditional VTC system. Portable videoconferencing is especially convenient when traveling to a center is impossible, such as assignments in remote locations or experts testifying before a court and jury, etc.

Portable Videoconferencing includes:

• Complete access to videoconference assignments without the cost and time of travel

• Cost‐effective alternative to the hourly charges of traditional video conferencing

• Review of the video soon after the proceeding to prepare for other depositions