Veteran Reporters Document Management

Veteran Reporters houses all files in perpetuity in our totally secured virtual repository. The legal profession may now securely store and access legal documents and depositions in our web-based repository, securely transmit confidential documents over the Internet, remotely access networks, and much more.

With complimentary pickup and delivery, we also provide the following services:

  • Document Copying – High-volume copying, in color and in black and white, Bates numbering, hole punching, binding, and x-ray duplication.
  • Document Scanning and Imaging
  • Document preparation; file structure set-up, scanning, and archiving; automatic Bates numbering; and database assembly, including coding and OCR. Scanning in OCR searchable format, reduces the cost and complexity of document management for corporations, law firms, and insurance companies. With scanned documents, you may:
    • Store boxes of documents on CD-ROM making it easier to distribute documents
    • Quickly search through scanned documents for words or phrases
    • Add, cut and paste documents to digital databases
    • Archive vast amounts of information in a small place
    • Build digital presentations with paper and digital documents

Additional Features

  • More storage capacity for documents and an unlimited number of Datarooms. It is specifically designed for organizations with very stringent requirements regarding the security and identification of documents.
  • Secure Document Viewer: Converts Microsoft Office documents or PDF documents into images and displays the pages one at a time as tiled images in the web browser. None of the documents are downloaded to the local machine and the user never has access to the entire file. There is no client-side software, other than a browser, required to view the pages.
  • Watermarking / Stamping: In order to prevent camera-based attacks, each page that the authorized user views is stamped with a dynamically embedded watermark. Although the watermark displays the name of the user who is accessing the document, the watermark is in the background of each page and it does not interfere with reading the page content. The text and the layout of the watermark can be easily customized.
  • Web-Services Connector / Desktop Powertool: The Dataroom can be configured so that users can access the Dataroom’s functional components from other applications. In addition, data from other applications can be transferred into the Dataroom through an XML-WebServices interface, directly from Microsoft Outlook or from the local hard disk via Bulk Transfer.
  • Case Management Reports can be provided in a customized format for more efficient control of the records.