Veteran Reporters offers exclusive technology to our clients for realtime access to the ENTIRE record, not just a rough draft, with all media stored on a removable thumb drive accessible only by counsel.   Veteran Reporters provides free training and technical support for any attorney scheduling AudioLive© realtime.   In addition, because of our technology, AudioLive© is a fraction of the cost charged for traditional realtime.

With AudioLive© counsel have the ability to:

  • Review and mark portions of testimony, which remain totally confidential
  • Access to 100% of testimony rather than just a rough draft
  • Organize marked testimony, enabling more accurate and faster notetaking than by handwriting
  • Create and organize clips of annotations synchronized to the audio for future use
  • Electronically transmitted to other counsel full recordings and/or synchronized clips
  • Use different coding so that specific portions of the record may be found by searching coded text