I’ve always been pleased with Veteran Reporters.  Their headquarters is in NOVA, though they are all over Va. and can service nationally.  All of their reporters are employees (versus independent contractors) with a good centralized/organized command structure for securing services and follow-up (they have case managers for larger cases for consistency, etc.).  They use modern technology to record audio (multi-channel) so get it right even with people talking over each other and their turnaround time, standard, is 5-days.  They video every depo as standard practice, which all audio/video is synched with the text (again, standard).  [For small surcharge they use higher-quality cameras for noticed video depositions, as their reporters are also video-qualified so you avoid two people and a lot of the cost] 

 I’ve found their pricing actually less than others even with all of this included.  I have gotten to know the owners pretty well and found them to be professional and responsive.  And, as an added bonus, they train military veterans and hire them as part of this business model.  Highly recommend.


Kellam T. Parks, Esq.
Parks Zeigler, PLLC
Virginia Beach, VA