Discovery Video and Noticed Video



  • 100% Verifiable Verbatim Transcript Synchronized To Audio / Video
  • Discovery Video Of Every Deposition
  • Hyperlinked, Searchable Exhibits
  • Condensed Transcript.Pdf
  • Secure ‘Perfect’ Bound Transcript Full Text Transcript.Pdf
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  • Free Robust Viewer
  • 9 Exportable File Formats For Litigation Software
    • Visionary Deposition File (.Vdf)
    • Visionary Image Group (.Vig)
    • Ascii Transcript (.Txt)
    • Indata Xml Document (Indata.Xml)
    • Sanction Load File (.mdb)
    • RealLegal XML document (RL.xml)
    • CT Summation Transcript and Exhibit Load File (.sbf)
    • Condensed Transcript (mini.pdf)
    • Full Transcript and/or Exhibits (.pdf)

Our eLEGAL™ transcript, including exhibits are permanently bound in a secure binding, known as “Perfect Binding.”

Delivery of transcripts is before or within five days of the assignment.

VIDEOGRAPHY – the impact is indisputable, persuasive and powerful.  Words alone do not capture non-verbal components of the deponent, such as tone of voice, body language, pauses in testimony, intonation, facial expressions, agitation, disrespect or gestures, persuasively demonstrate the veracity of the deponent by highlighting lack of eye contact, witness coaching, nervous fidgeting or chair swiveling, anxious tone of voice, or hesitation. Deposition video is essential for capturing and preserving key aspects of testimony and demeanor.

And Video testimony can be a valuable tool in the courtroom to present testimony of non-appearing witnesses or to use to impeach the credibility of an adverse witness. Veteran Reporters’ complete suite of professional video services allows our clients to leverage the full impact of testimony.

Veteran Reporters, Inc. offers both:   Discovery Video and Noticed Video.

Discovery Video

Veteran Reporters, Inc. exceeds all expectations with the introduction of their exclusive DISCOVERY VIDEO AND eLEGAL™ TRANSCRIPT TECHNOLOGY provided on every deposition/statement assignment. The Discovery Video is provided for in-house use by counsel allowing for review of testimony, assessing witness demeanor, evaluating experts prior to trial, impeachment or simply maintaining a witness library. The video may be used in court upon agreement of counsel or if the noticed mentioned videography.

The DISCOVERY, VIDEO allows the client the unique advantage of:

  • 100% Verifiable, Verbatim Transcript
  • Reviewing and permanent retention of witness demeanor
  • Settlement Tool
  • Impeachment consideration
  • Expert witness library for future reference on how experts testify and their expertise.

Noticed Video

Noticed Video is provided on request by a Notice of Video Deposition specifically for use in court or for preserving a witness’ testimony for future use. This high definition digital format is not only used to shoot Noticed Video Depositions, but also day-in-the-life videos, mediation or settlement videos, site inspections, training videos, and mock depositions and trials for review and critique.

Our expert, certified videographers are experienced in all video equipment used and are an integral part of the trial preparation and presentation team. Our Video Department team is available for onsite editing and post-production services, duplication and conversion.


The eLEGAL™ TRANSCRIPT TECHNOLOGY Tool integrates video/audio-to-text synchronization with transcript distribution so users are able to view the video, listen, read the synchronized text and review the hyperlinked exhibits simultaneously.

Veteran Reporters uses a transcript publishing tool that integrates video/audio-to-text synchronization and exhibit hyperlinking with every transcript distribution.

Veteran Reporters, Inc. delivers transcripts in nine exportable formats that suit clients’ litigation support needs. Visionary Spectrum Viewer is provided on each CD or DVD delivered to our clients at no charge, which may be used trial presentation.